Community Health Needs Assessment

10bet十博体育(HDH)高兴地宣布,2022年哈尼县社区卫生需求评估(CHNA)现已上线. Paper copies are also available by request.

This is the final product of a process involving a community survey, discussions with local health representatives, and the collection and analysis of supplemental data.

The purpose of the CHNA is to gauge the health status, concerns, 和哈尼县居民的需求,以便计划和实施有利于社区整体健康的行动.

This process began in November 2021 when representatives from HDH, the Harney County Health Department, and Symmetry Care Inc. met to draft questions for a community survey. In December 2021, 问题草案已提交给哈尼县地方社区咨询委员会(LCAC)。, and additional input was received. The questions were finalized in January 2022, 此外,还推出了一项多媒体宣传活动,宣传这项调查的可用性,并鼓励社区参与.

The survey — which was open from Feb. 1 to March 31, 2022, 并且有纸质和数字两种格式——要求社区成员回答一系列关于他们个人健康的问题,以及他们对社区最大健康需求的看法.

In June 2022, 卫生与健康协会成立了一个特别工作组来分析调查结果以及俄勒冈州农村卫生办公室编制的补充信息, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Our Children Oregon. The taskforce used this data to identify four priority areas of need, which include substance abuse/addiction, mental health, child abuse/neglect/trauma, and obesity/diabetes/chronic illness. 工作组还制定了一份目标和战略清单,将用于满足这些需求. Goals and strategies include creating awareness campaigns, connecting patients to resources, developing youth-mentoring programs, supporting and training hospital staff, hosting community events and health fairs, 并与当地组织合作,支持社区在健康和保健方面的努力.

在接下来的三年里,HDH将努力实现这些目标和战略. 进度报告将每六个月提交给LCAC和哈尼县卫生区董事会. 这些报告也将发布在医院的网站上,供公众查看.


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